About Us


WoodAim was founded as a brand of company “UAB ŽLIOBIŠKIS”

Who Are We

WoodAim is a furniture details manufacture company with custom-made wooden products.

Our Mission

Make top quality custom-made products and provide the best experience.

What We Do

Custom-made Wooden Public Spaces and Home Furniture, Stairs, Doors,  Interior and Furniture Details.

Our history

“UAB Žliobiškis” has been founded in 1996 and working as a profitable business for 23 years. It is a 3 generation family business with old wood production traditions. The communication is the key and our company is always making the best experience for our clients. This is significant because most of our clients are from natural recommendations. The quality of our wooden production came from significant experience as a company and our professional employees. WoodAim is a company with deep wood traditions, but also flexible and innovative working with new and old customers.

Our manufacturing process



After WoodAim get project details or architectural drawings we come back with manufacturing sights and support.



WoodAim professionals combine our traditional and innovation experience to make you custom-made top quality products.



On your request WoodAim organize or suggest the best delivery for you.

Why choose us?

WoodAim produce the best quality bulk and individual wooden furniture items. This came from significant 23-years experience.

WoodAim answer all of your questions, from interior sights to manufacturing process. Also, as a family business, our main values are trust and transparency which can ensure you the pleasant collaboration.

Our manufacturing company is based in Lithuania in Vaivadai village. WoodAim is working with export to Scandinavian Countries. It is a self-stable company which developed their process to make lower price and produce high-quality products.

In our WoodAim culture, we have only the professionals who are passionate about their job. If you would ask any of our employees what is does a carpenter means for you they would say – “It is Art”. That is the word which describes not only our culture but also the wise of professionals working an average of 15 years in this industry.

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Let's Start a Project Together!

Send us architectural drawings and project details via email andrius@woodaim.com or just call us!